Empowering a continuous network of girls and women to be leaders in their community through mentorship, talent development and advocacy.


EmpowHERment Cycle Chart

Our Approach:

Our approach to empowering ladies who lead is outcomes-based, collaborative, and inclusive. EmpowHERment, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) organization that is intentionally creating a stronger development pipeline to empower female leaders. Our mentoring program pairs girls in grades 6-12 in Charlotte and the surrounding areas with a supportive one-on-one mentor in their community.

Mentors commit to helping their mentee build a talent development portfolio and advocacy platform through a 12-month EmpowHERment curriculum that is supported by our monthly community partnership events.

Our Mentoring Difference: 

Our monthly community partnership events allow our mentees and mentors to bond with other women and girls through new shared learning experiences, connections to networks,  and exposure to community resources & issues. EmpowHERment isn’t just about mentee development; we provide a reciprocal growth opportunity where both the mentee and mentor realize their full potential and strengthen their voice, talent and network as leaders.

Our Reach:

EmpowHERment, Inc. is based in Charlotte, NC. Our mentoring, talent development and advocacy programs have a local focus with global impact.